The safety of your family is more important than anything. Threats from those within the family can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed. Luckily, protective orders from the court force an abuser to stay away from you or run the risk of facing criminal penalties, such as jail time. The family law attorneys at COHEN|HARRIS are experienced with obtaining protective orders to keep our clients and their families safe from potential threats.

Maryland law allows you to obtain a protective order against a family member accused of domestic violence against you or your children. Actual acts of violence are not required in order to obtain a protective order. The threat of violence alone can be enough! If the abuser is not a family member, then you should seek a peace order instead of a protective order.

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Protective orders typically require a person to have no contact with you. This includes speaking to you in person, texting, and phone calls. The protective order may also require them to avoid places that you are known to frequent, such as your school or place of employment. In the event that you and the abuser are in the same place at the same time, the protective order may require them to maintain a certain distance from you. Individuals that violate protective orders are subject to immediate arrest. Our Maryland protective order attorneys can assist you with completing a petition for a protective order, as well as representing you in various proceedings. Our attorneys are experienced with helping clients with:

  • Hearings – We represent you through the initial hearing where the court hears the evidence. During this hearing, the court decides whether it will grant or deny the order. Generally, the court is cautious and grants the protective order to be on the safe side, but every case is different. Past experiences are not a guarantee of future results.
  • Shielding of Protective Orders – Protective orders may be shielded so that they are not viewable by the public but remain enforceable affording the parties some level of privacy through the circumstance.
  • Modifications – Protective orders may be modified to change frequent locations or other details that impact an individual’s right to protection.
  • Extensions – In some instances protective orders can be extended if circumstances require.

If you believe protective order is needed to keep you and your children safe, contact our Baltimore protective order attorneys so that we can begin to assist you as soon as possible. In these instances, no time can be wasted. Call COHEN|HARRIS today at 888-585-7979 for a free consultation!