“I never walk into a courtroom without knowing I am the best-prepared person there.”

About Martin

Martin Cohen never walks into a courtroom without knowing he is the best-prepared person there. With experience defending every crime from the least serious to murder, he understands that the only way for his clients to receive the fair trial they deserve is for him never to be surprised. That is why Martin believes in building a relationship of trust with every client. If they can open up to him and tell him every minute detail of their experience, he can create a strategy that encompasses the whole person. Using a battery of tools from expert witnesses to private investigators, Martin will, if necessary, create an expert team around his client’s case in order to investigate and prepare every aspect of a case down to the smallest detail. This attention to every aspect of the case is what sets him apart and contributes to his reputation as one of the best defense attorneys in the State of Maryland.

Martin Cohen discovered his gift for client counseling while he was a student at the University of Baltimore School of Law. It was there that he won the distinct honor of placing fourth in the nation in the American Bar Association’s Client Counseling Competition and discovered his talent for thorough investigation and client support. During his schooling, Martin also served as Production Editor of the UB Law Forum. Martin went on to clerk in the Maryland Office of the Public Defender where he put his client counseling talents to use preparing files and building cases for trial. After graduating from the University of Baltimore School of Law with Honors, Martin knew that becoming a defense attorney was the best way he could make a difference in the lives of the people who needed him most.

Martin is licensed to practice in a Federal courtroom.