Family law relates to the forming and dissolving of family relationships. Typically, this involves marriages, divorces, and adoptions. Whenever one of these events occurs, you should hire a family lawyer to ensure that all of your interests and rights are protected. The Baltimore family lawyers at COHEN|HARRIS have experience with:

  • Divorces
  • Separations
  • Custody Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Allocation & Division of Marital Property
  • Marital Agreements

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While forming families seems simple enough, in reality it is a legally complex combination of contracts, property, and custody arrangements that require legal expertise and emotional sensitivity. These events can be complicated and involve intense emotions. Instead of trying to work these things out on your own, you should consult with our family law attorneys so that we can ensure that you are protected now, and in the future. If you’re contemplating marriage, divorce, separation, adoption, custody disputes, or any other familial legal matters, you need a Maryland family lawyer that you can trust. Call Cohen|Harris, your Baltimore family lawyer, today for a free phone consultation. Call Us: 888-585-7979

What to Expect

After you’ve scheduled a meeting with one of our Baltimore family lawyers, you will be asked to bring any documentation you may have to your appointment. This may include pleadings, separation agreements, written exchanges relating to your case, and any other paperwork you feel is relevant to your case. If you’re unsure whether you should bring a certain document, bring it just to be on the safe side.

Family law cases can be very emotional. In our first conversation, our goal is to learn what you would like to happen. During the first meeting, it’s common for there to be tears, frustration, anger, or even pain about what is happening. We want to gain an understanding of what you need to get through this situation. We don’t expect you to have it all figured out. It’s our job to help you navigate what can be a difficult and confusing experience.

Once we have an understanding of your desired outcome, we will advise you as to the best options to help you accomplish your goals. If there’s an option to come to an agreement without the case going to court, we will explore it. If there is a need to go to trial, we will determine the best way to prepare for litigation. Each client is different, and each case is different. Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal outcome!