Divorce takes an emotional toll on everyone involved. The decisions you make during this transitional period can have a significant impact on your finances and emotions for the rest of your life. The impact and consequences of those decisions not only affect you but can impact your loved ones as well. Additionally, the role and level of involvement you have in your children’s lives can also be impacted by a divorce. The Maryland divorce attorneys at COHEN|HARRIS take the time to listen to your concerns in order to help you protect you through the process. We are here to walk with you every step of the way.

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Our family law attorneys have years of experience representing clients through divorces. We have counseled hundreds of clients through what can be the most difficult experience of their lives. We help our clients navigate this difficult and emotional period by gaining an understanding of how our clients arrived at this point and help them identify the goals that are in their best interest. It is difficult enough to manage the emotions that come with a divorce; contact COHEN|HARRIS today so that we can manage the legal complexities that come with it. Our firm has experience handling:

  • Separation Agreements – These types of agreements are usually created by married couples that believe there is an opportunity for reconciliation. Separation agreements usually account for: care and custody of a child, the amount of support one spouse will pay the other, provisions for continuation of health insurance benefits, and the division of property while the parties live apart. However, when the grounds for divorce is voluntary separation, the separation agreement may be used as evidence to obtain the divorce.
  • Alimony – The amount of alimony is measured by the needs of one spouse versus the other spouse’s ability to pay. The goal of alimony is to ensure that both parties enjoy the same quality of life post-marriage as they had during the marriage. Often this includes one spouse making monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments to the other in an effort to balance their financial positions.
  • Division of Marital Property – Upon divorce, marital property is divided and allocated by the court, unless there is already a divorce or separation agreement between the parties. In Maryland, courts divide marital property equitably so that both parties are in relatively the same position post-marriage. Marital property may include houses, cars, jewelry, savings, retirement assets, investments, businesses, etc.
  • Name Changes – Involves changing your name as you enter a marriage or reverting to your previous name as a part of a divorce.
    ‘Pre-Nuptial Agreements’ (before marriage) – Divorce or separation agreements that are entered into before the parties marry.
    ‘Post-Nuptial Agreements’ (after separation or divorce) – Divorce or separation agreements that are entered into after the parties have married.

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