Is your criminal past holding you back? Administrative mistakes could prevent you from earning a higher paying job, admission to school, housing, loans, business licensing, and insurance coverage. Your past should not continue to haunt you, even after you’ve done everything the right way. That’s what motivates the COHEN|HARRIS expungement attorneys. We want to help put the past behind you completely, and get you moving forward to new opportunities.

Expungement involves the removal of criminal charges from your record. In contrast, shielding hides a criminal case from public view and inspection. Expungement and shielding laws can be complicated. Court clerks usually aren’t able to assist you with these types of issues. You should have a trusted attorney work on your behalf to ensure that your record is as clean as possible. Luckily, the COHEN|HARRIS criminal lawyers in Baltimore can help you get your life back on track by walking you through the expungement process.

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Potential clients should be aware that they are a few instances that prevent an individual from being eligible for expungement. In Maryland, you may not be eligible for expungement if: (1) the crime did not occur in Maryland; (2) the crime occurred when you were under 18 years old; (3) you are currently on probation; or (4) you have pending criminal charges. If one of these conditions is satisfied for any crime on your record, then that particular crime is not able to be expunged from your record. However, if you are not on probation and do not have pending criminal charges, then the other crimes that do not satisfy conditions (1) and (2) are eligible for expungement.

Our role is to complete an exhaustive search of your criminal background in an effort to find the cases that can be removed or shielded from your record. We’ll then file the legal documents required in Maryland to clean your record. If you need assistance clearing your criminal record, contact our Baltimore expungement lawyers today! Call us at 888-585-7979.